Readings for Criminal Justice Online Graduate Students

Students without a Background in Criminal Justice

For those students who did not major in Criminal Justice — or take a substantial number of CJ courses as an undergraduate or who do not have multiple years of service in a Criminal Justice occupation — the following introductory texts provide a nice overview of the CJ system and CJ as a field of study. This list is not exhaustive and any one of the listed texts may be used as a primer or refresher. We are providing the following list and links to retailers who offer these texts only as an informational service to our students. We do not in any way endorse these retailers or publishers, and students are not required to purchase any of these texts as part of the totally online CJ program.

Regoli, Robert M., John D. Hewitt, and Marie-Helen Maras. 2011. Exploring Criminal Justice: The Essentials 2nd edition. Jones & Bartlett Learning. ISBN-10: 1449652417, ISBN-13: 978-1449652418.

Schmalleger,Frank. 2011. Criminal Justice: Brief Introduction, 9th edition. Prentice Hall, Inc. ISBN13: 978-0137069835, ISBN10: 0137069839. This is one of the most widely adopted introductory texts around.

Gaines, Larry K. and Roger LeRoy Miller. 2011. Criminal Justice in Action: The Core, 6th edition. Wadsworth Publishing. ISBN-10: 0495913553, ISBN-13: 978-0495913559.

Fuller, John Randolph. 2009. Criminal Justice: Mainstream and Crosscurrents, 2nd Edition. Prentice Hall. ISBN-10: 0135042623, ISBN-13: 978-0135042625.

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