Dr. Lee’s Career Profile

Having appeared as a guest on nearly every talk show and as the star of his own show on Court TV, the University of New Haven’s Dr. Henry C. Lee is considered by many to be the greatest and most famous forensic scientist in the world. Dr. Lee’s work has made him a landmark in modern-day forensic sciences. He has been a prominent player in many of the most challenging cases of the last 40 years. Dr. Lee has worked with law enforcement agencies in helping to solve more than 6,000 cases. In recent years, his travels have taken him to England, Bosnia, China, Brunei, and other locations around the world.

Dr. Lee’s testimony figured prominently in the O. J. Simpson trial, and in convictions of the “Woodchipper” murderer as well as hundreds of other murder cases. Dr. Lee has assisted local and state police in their investigations of other famous crimes, such as the murder of JonBenet Ramsey in Boulder, Colorado, the 1993 suicide of White House Counsel Vincent Foster, the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart in Salt Lake City, the murder of Laci Peterson in Modesto, California, and the reinvestigation of the John F. Kennedy assassination.

Dr. Lee was born in China on November 22, 1938 and grew up in Taiwan. Dr. Lee first worked for the Taipei Police Department, attaining the rank of Captain. With his wife, Margaret, Dr. Lee came to the United States in 1965, and he earned his B.S. in Forensic Science 1972. Dr. Lee continued his studies in biochemistry at NYU where he earned his Master’s Degree in 1974 and Ph.D. in 1975. He has also received special training from the FBI Academy, ATF, RCMP, and other organizations. He is a recipient of multiple honorary Doctorate Degrees from Universities in recognition of his contributions to Law and Science. Dr. and Mrs. Lee have been married for 39 years and have two grown children, a daughter, Sherry, and a son, Stanley.

In 1975, Dr. Lee joined the University of New Haven, where he created our Forensic Science program. Though challenged with the demands on his time, Dr. Lee still lectures throughout the country and the world to police officers, universities, and civic organizations. Dr. Lee has authored hundreds of articles in professional journals and has co-authored more than 25 textbooks — covering areas such as DNA Analysis, Fingerprints, Trace Evidence, Forensic Anthropology, Crime Scene Investigation, and Crime Scene Reconstruction.

Dr. Lee is still at the University of New Haven and is currently the Chief Emeritus for the State of Connecticut’s Scientific Services Division. He was also the Commissioner of Public Safety for the State of Connecticut for over two years and has served as the state’s Chief Criminalist from 1979 to 2000. Dr. Lee was the driving force in establishing a modern State Police Forensic Science Laboratory in Connecticut. Today, Dr. Lee is extremely proud of the brand new Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science on the University of New Haven campus. This tremendous building is the most state-of-the-art and technologically advanced learning facility in the entire world.

Dr. Lee has been the recipient of numerous medals and awards, including the 1996 Medal of Justice from the Justice Foundation, and the 1998 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Science and Engineer Association. He has also been the recipient of the Distinguished Criminalist Award from the American Academy of Forensic Sciences; the J. Donero Award from the International Association of Identification; and, in 1992, Dr. Lee was elected a distinguished Fellow of the AAFS.


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